Our partners author several articles and analyses in science and industry journals.

Publications 2013

Aftenposten, a leading Norwegian newspaper, publishes supplement by the Oslo Cancer Cluster on the fight against cancer. The supplement features an article on APIM Therapeutics, see page 12. A copy of the supplement in pdf format can be downloaded here (in Norwegian).

Finance Monthly, a global publication providing news, analysis and features on all the latest headlines within the financial sector in US, Europe and Asia nominates APIM Therapeutics's CEO and Partner in Ventac Partners Kostas Alevizopoulos for a 2013 CEO Award. A copy of the CEO Awards 2013 issue of Finance Monthly featuring an interview of K. Alevizopoulos is provided here (see page 15).

Kostas Alevizopoulos, APIM Therapeutics's Chief Executive Officer and Partner in Ventac Partners, gives an interview to Finance Monthly, an electronic journal focusing on private equity, acquisitions, funding and investments. A copy of the article is available at this address (see page 32).

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