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The shareholders of RhoVac and Ventac Partners have entered into an agreement under which Ventac Partners will provide management and business development expertise to RhoVac. Focusing on the development of peptides derived from the RhoC protein that elicit spontaneous immune responses in cancer patients,  RhoVac is currently looking for funding to advance its lead therapeutic cancer vaccine through a combined phase I/IIa clinical study.

For the 12th year in a row, Ventac Partners has taken MSc and PhD students and new TTO personnel from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology through a five-day course entitled: Patenting and Commercializing Biotech and Medtech Inventions. The course is case based, and takes the attendants through all aspects of building the foundation for a new business. The Ventac Partners team consisted of Mikael Ørum, Neil Thomas, Lars Hedbys, Rolf Ehrnström, Scott Woodward and Aarti Kapoor. A picture of the VP team and course participants is available here.

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