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Ventac Partners completes a strategic business and market analysis for HUNT Biosciences, the commercial arm of the largest population based biobank in Norway.

Ventac Partners is co-founder of Zestagen S.A., a company focusing on the development of novel anti-cancer treatments. Martin Austin becomes the Chairman of the Board. The company secures seed funding up to USD 1.4 million.

Regenesance, a Ventac Partners portfolio company, receives innovation credit from Dutch Government. The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Innovation (Agentschap, NL) awarded a substantial credit to Regenesance for the development of new compounds to treat Multiple Sclerosis. The credit will provide up to 35% of the costs advancing a lead compound through clinical phase IIa. Total support could approach USD 5 million.

Mikael Oerum appointed Chairman of the Board of HUNT Biosciences AS. HUNT Biosciences is owned by the Norwegian Institute of Science and technology, the Health Region Mid-Norway and the Tr√łndelag County of Norway.

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