We excel in tailoring education in drug & device development, regulatory and business development.

Education and Training

Education and training

For a number of years, Ventac Partners has developed and executed individual seminars and workshops for Master and PhD students, faculty and technology transfer personnel at universities in various parts of the world. We excel in tailoring education for industry executives in drug and device development, regulatory requirements, as well as in the disciplines of business development. Our educational services are built on years of experience from serving our clients and through development of our portfolio companies. Our know-how and experience in the field is globally valid. We are prepared to serve you all over the world.

Below you will find some additional information on our educational programs.

University training - Creating Next Generation Entrepreneurs

Academic institutions have increasingly focused on offering special courses and degrees in entrepreneurship to their students and faculty. We provide seminars and workshops of patenting and commercialization of biotech and medtech inventions at universities.

Our flagship training course entitled "Patenting and Commercialization of Biotech and Medtech Inventions" organized in collaboration with the Institute of Biology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and NTNU Technology Transfer AS is currently at its 12th consecutive year.

Industry training – Enhancing the skills and competencies in industry build on years of experience

Businesses of all sizes and product focus in the biotech, pharmaceutical and medtech industries are constantly seeking to create the best possible basis for their key staff members in fulfilling their job requirements. Ventac Partners helps in that by offering tailor-made seminars and workshops focusing on:

  • Basic IPR and application of IPR strategies in product and business development
  • Business & product development strategies
  • Regulatory and product profiling success parameters
  • Licensing, merger and acquisition transactions in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries

The aforementioned topics are analyzed in detail in the following two books written by Partner, Martin Austin.

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