Rolf Ehrnström

Rolf Ehrnström joined Ventac Partners in October 2012. He has more than 30 years of scientific, technical and commercial experience from small, medium and large sized lifescience and diagnostics companies on the international arena. The last 20 years he served in senior executive management roles.

Rolf Ehrnström contributes with an extensive experience in product-,technology- and strategic development in the lifescience and diagnostics industry. He has a track record of leading large operational organizations ( >200 staff), restructuring of large R&D organizations, integration of aquired companies as well as managing rapid growth in new start ups. Much of his experience comes from leadership in multinational management teams and organizations in Scandinavia, Euorpe, USA and Asia. His responsibilites has ranged from all technical disciplines within R&D as well as IP, Regulatory & Medical & Clinical Affairs, Scientific Relations/Profiling and External Scientific Collaborations. In recent years a special focus have been in the fields of Personlized Medicine, companion diagnostics and technology innovation where Dako has played a leading role within its field.

Important positions in Rolf Ehrnström’s curriculum include: CSO, Dako-Agilent; CVP R&D, Dako A/S; VP R&D, Gyros AB, Science Director, Amersham Biosciences; Senior Scientific Advisor, Amerham Pharmacia Biotech, Senior Program Manager MicroArrays Amersham-Pharmacia Biotech, Director R&D Molecular Biology, Pharmacia Biotech. In the CV are also roles as board member in Scientific organisations committees and small start ups.

Rolf Ehrnström holds a MSc in biochemistry & biotechnology engineering from Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm Sweden.

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