Dennis Henriksen

Dennis B. Henriksen M.Sc., PhD., joined Ventac Partners in 2014. He has 20+ years managerial industry experience in small to medium size biotechnology companies, including several years in the United States as Vice President of BioNebraska Inc. where he also served as a member in the corporate management group and was responsible for R&D.

Key positions prior to joining Ventac Partners include Vice President of Nordic Bioscience A/S, COO of Verigen Europe A/S, Vice President of Osteometer Biotech, Managing Director of BION, Vice President of BioNebraska and founder and CEO of Sanos Bioscience A/S from the formation of the company until the company was sold.

Experienced in research and development within the field of osteoporosis, arthritic diseases, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, spinal cord injury, fungal infections and several forms of cancer. As an independent management consultant, Dennis Henriksen has provided a broad set of services to biotechnology companies, including preparation of business plans, clinical development and regulatory strategy, technology assessment, in/out-licensing negotiations, managing outsourcing operations, IP activities, fundraising and management presentations.

Dennis Henriksen holds a M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Copenhagen and a Ph.D. in Bioorganic Chemistry from the University of Copenhagen.

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