Scott Woodward

Mr. Woodward brings nearly 20 years experience from healthcare, pharma, and biotech through consulting and senior executive roles in the United States and Europe. He has a proven track record of identifying and building profitable business relationships for scientific companies seeking global biopharma partners and expanding their business development activities. Prior to joining Ventac Partners, he was Global Vice President of biomarker operations for a US headquartered, multinational CRO. During this time he also performed a series of internal management consulting roles for sister companies within the same organization, primarily business development strategy for clinical imaging and patient recruitment. Previous roles were initiating and leading the North American subsidiary for a Danish biomarker discovery group whose growth culminated in the successful divestment of its assets. During this time, he also oversaw the development of its distributor network in Mexico and South America.

Through his consulting company, Scott has worked with private equity groups providing market analysis, due diligence and assisted numerous worldwide biopharma clients with a full range of business development activities from strategy planning to execution. His chief interests are operational strategy, market and business development, scientific targeting/messaging, and deal making.

Scott holds graduate degrees from both Old Dominion University and Eastern Virginia Medical School in the United States. He maintains a keen interest in actively mentoring PhD students and entrepreneurial minded scientists seeking to build companies and commercialize their inventions. He is involved in several life start up boot camps and accelerators in key biotech hubs around the world and serves as guest lecturer at Oxford University and Cambridge University, whose MBA programs and bioscience enterprise programs prepare students to move their scientific ideas from bench to commercialization.

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